In 1969 I discovered a band in London. We called them “Someone’s Band” and recorded them for Deram a subsidiary of DECCA records. (I actually designed the album cover too!) To my surprise this is a highly coveted collectors album today! Selling on eBay for $1800.

I was just notified via Facebook by “Sir Cecil” lead vocalist and member of the Band that this record is about to be re-released!

Someone’s Band

Steve Stevenson and I were partners in a company we called Clouds Music Enterprises. We had an office on Dean St. in London in 1968-69. Steve was a sound mixer at the Shaftsbury Theater for the English company of Hair! Produced by Robert Stigwood. We also produced records for Paul Nicholas and Kookie Eaton who were in the cast of Hair at the time.  (Paul Nicholas went on to have a hit later with “Heaven on the 7th Floor”)

This was all happening around the same time the Beatles played on the roof of Apple; The Stones played free in Hyde Park while the skinheads ran wild through the audience. Elsewhere throughout London, “squatters” had taken up long term residence in vacant buildings.

I found this band in a flat in London one rainy night after responding to their ad in the Melody Maker or some such publication. We decided to record them in a cheap studio on Denmark St. ( Tin Pan Alley in the West End) Mike Cooper was the engineer – the whole album was recorded and mixed in one long night and soon after, we got a deal for the band with DERAM, Decca’s progressive subsidiary.

That was that.

Didn’t hear a word until “Sir Cecil” notified me at 4:00AM this morning – May 14th, 2012.

Sir Cecil rocks both sides of the Atlantic

  1. Alan gee says:

    I recall working on this with you and them. I had a photography and design studio called Ritzy Studios along with Glenn Harrison. We shot the band in and around Lower Regent Street near St James’s Square around some parking meters in the middle of the road.
    We shot with two cameras; a pentax 35mm using Kodak Tri-x film, and a Mamiya C220 twin lens reflex with Ilford FP4 film!
    My recollection was that you were fairly dismissive of the pictures, but you liked the price!
    (which I why I believe, that you decided to draw over the black and white image on translucent tissue paper which we converted to artwork)

  2. If only we had photoshop then…:-)

  3. giazzpet says:

    I’ve known Cecil for years and he’s just as great now! Love playing with him, and he’s also a fabulous drummer/singer/songwriter too 😀

  4. Claudio says:

    One of my all time favourites album from
    UK. Incredible mix of styles with different

  5. Melissa says:

    Hi David, did you have Clouds Music with the same Steve Stevenson who went on to produce with Andy Arthurs (A Raincoat) and Joe Jackson? I’m trying to track him down to find copyright owners of some music he worked on…if this is the same steve, and there’s any chance you have contact info for him, please let me know. – Melissa

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