Remote Control by David George (Excerpt 2)

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Comedy, Commentary, Drama
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3rd  excerpt from my two-man play REMOTE CONTROL. Did you ever feel like your life was interrupting the television commercials?

Los Angeles 1980’s. Harold & Fred watch television: they become the characters they watch.


The rear projection screen comes to life with images of video noise.  One image fades into the next to the tempo of the drumming and an intermittent buzz.  All sounds reach a climax as The Local Evening News theme music fades in and the screen provides a suitable background for the news. An ANCHOR (Fred) sits behind a desk.

ANCHOR: Following the recent rash of book burnings, another incident occurred today regarding the now infamous inflammatory book, “Satan’s Flame”.  A group of the cities homeless had been spotted this cold night tossing several copies of Satan’s Flame into a roaring fire.  A passerby, distressed at what he saw, called the well known liberal group, “People For Freedom of the Press”.  P.F.F.P. arrived on the scene and called for a halt to the book blazing.  The homeless folks refusing to cooperate, tossed more books into the flames and defiantly continued warming their hands.  According to several eye-witness reports, inflammatory words were exchanged and the Liberals began to throw rocks at the homeless.  One homeless woman who was hit several times cried out, “This is not a political act!  This is not a political act!”.  A local bookstore owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, admitted to dumping the incendiary copies of Satan’s Flame and has offered to organize temporary housing for the homeless.  He explained that he had recently received bomb threats from a group of right-wing extremists for selling the book.  Fearing for his life and the safety of his employees, he had thrown the books out with the garbage.  The homeless people, spotting a perfect, cheap, fuel – this in no way an intentional act of criticism – set fire to the books.  As they say this was not a political act.  They were just trying to stay warm.  Suggestions for a “Not suitable for burning” warning sticker on the flyleaf of certain books, is now under serious consideration.  Winston?…


REMOTE CONTROL is available as an audio drama on iTunes, Amazon & (US & UK) and recently aired on radio across Canada.


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