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Nightingale CD on Spring Hill Media/Linus Entertainment performed by Giuditta.

Nightingale CD
April 14th, 2015 saw the Spring Hill Records/Linus Entertainment release of “Nightingale”, a collection of songs by Grammy nominated Composer Michael Hoppé, with Lyrics by David George – performed by Giuditta Scorcelletti & Alessandro Bongi.

Michael Hoppé’s 25 plus instrumental albums include the Grammy nominated CD “Solace”. Michael’s music and David George’s words look to the timeless classics for inspiration. This will be the first time lyrics will be featured alongside Michael Hoppé´s celebrated music.

Former A&M Canada recording artist, David George, was delighted to add lyrics to many of Michael’s melodies – some newly composed and some more familiar which Giuditta’s naturally sensual vocals bring to life. The unique guitar stylings of Allesandro Bongi with a variety of talented International musicians made this real-time collaboration possible in the age of the Internet.

David George’s Independent CD It’s a Beautiful World , yielded the song “Catalina” (music & lyrics by David George) beautifully covered by Giuditta, the new version is included in the CD “Nightingale”.

From Michael Hoppe in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; David George in Los Angeles, California, Giuditta & Alessandro in Tuscany, Italy, we invite you to listen to Giuditta and the songs of the “Nightingale”.

From the Nightingale CD liner notes:

Miracles sometimes happen in life…
Last summer my wife and I were in Tuscany, and we decided to visit the beautiful town of San Gimignano. As we strolled along the town’s ramparts in the late afternoon, gazing at the shimmering Tuscan landscape, I heard a young women, strumming her guitar, singing with a most beautiful voice…

We stood there both captivated and enchanted. I noticed she was selling her CD of Tuscan folk songs (“The Voice of Tuscany” sung by Giuditta Scorcelletti) and I decided to buy one. Placing the money in her CD basket, I also included my business card which had my contact information.

Several weeks later when we had returned home, I received a surprise email from Giuditta saying she hoped I had enjoyed her album and that she had gone on-line to research my music. It appeared the music really spoke to her. She inquired if she might record one of my songs, “Love Overflows”, which I had recently written with lyricist David George.

Giuditta sang a beautiful version of “Love Overflows”. This led her and her producer/guitarist husband, Alessandro Bongi, to record a whole album of my music featuring David’s lyrics. Frankly, David and I had been waiting for years for the right voice. Through this chance meeting in San Gimignano and a fortunate placement of my business card, a miracle occurred…we had finally found the voice we had been looking for so long!

As you will hear, Giudiita sings like a nightingale. We are so grateful her lovely voice graces our songs.

Michael Hoppe, composer
June 2015