About David George

David George is a resident of Los Angeles, California. A writer, filmmaker, photographer, songwriter, voice over artist / audiobook narrator and 3 time dual citizen of the US, UK & Canada.

The Battle of Little Sayler’s Creek a documentary Directed, Edited with music by David George aired frequently on The Documentary Channel and is available as a DVD on Amazon.com

His recent collaboration with Grammy nominated composer Michael Hoppé has yielded a collection of songs that have been recorded by vocalist Giuditta Scorcelletti & guitarist Alessandro Bongi – “The Nightingale” CD has 16 songs by Michael Hoppé & David George and is released worldwide on Spring Hill Records/Linus Entertainment and on Huks Music in S Korea.

“Love Overflows” a Hoppe/George song will be featured on Michael Hoppe’s CD “Grace” available now on Spring Hill Records.

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