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In 1969 I discovered a band in London. We called them “Someone’s Band” and recorded them for Deram a subsidiary of DECCA records. (I actually designed the album cover too!) To my surprise this is a highly coveted collectors album today! Selling on eBay for $1800.

I was just notified via Facebook by “Sir Cecil” lead vocalist and member of the Band that this record is about to be re-released!

Someone’s Band

Steve Stevenson and I were partners in a company we called Clouds Music Enterprises. We had an office on Dean St. in London in 1968-69. Steve was a sound mixer at the Shaftsbury Theater for the English company of Hair! Produced by Robert Stigwood. We also produced records for Paul Nicholas and Kookie Eaton who were in the cast of Hair at the time.  (Paul Nicholas went on to have a hit later with “Heaven on the 7th Floor”) (more…)