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Nightsong by VJ Banis narrated by David George

Nightsong by VJ Banis Narrated by David George

Audiobook I Produced & Narrated is now available on Audible, Amazon & iTunes!

The year is 1870. Torn from the protective community of American missionaries in China, young, innocent teenager Lydia Holt has no idea of the harsh realities she will soon face. Forced into a loveless marriage to a sadistic Chinese nobleman, she gives him a son and then a daughter.  Lydia pleads for her newborn daughter’s life and  saves from execution.  Lydia escapes her cruel confines and flees with her half-chinese daughter to San Francisco. Racism against the Chinese forces her daughter to pretend she is Lydia’s maid.  In San Francisco, she meets the man she once trusted with her life – a Scottish trader who now threatens to destroy the cosmetics empire she has established and rules with an iron hand.


Booster Shot is a collection of short stories by Jesse Craignou, a French author.  I just completed producing and narrating the audiobook version of this anthology.  I have to say while this was a very demanding job it was very satisfying to bring the stories to life in an audio book.  Jesse’s writing style is a kind of “Jazz”/ “stream of consciousness” / “poetic” narrative style that lends itself really well to performance.  Each of the stories are different in tone. I’m happy to say Jesse was pleased with my work. When an author trusts you with his “baby” the pressure is on to not disappoint. I’m in Los Angeles and Jesse is in Paris. After I uploaded the files, the next day I get an email from Jesse saying he spent a day with me in the car driving around Paris and proofing my audio files.  Now that is cool! Here’s a short sample of Guyaneh’s Last Dance:

Booster Shot by Jesse Craignou Narrated by David George is available now on iTunes, Amazon & very soon check for it!

Michael’s new CD Featuring our song & video Love Overflows…

This photo featured in MrPorter April 2013

Architect: Brent Saville 1995

My Voice Over


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My Voice Over…






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